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Photography &


Canonet QL

A gift from my father,
My first camera, 1979
Lost in 1981

Pentax MG

My first SLR,
Bought in 1982
Sold in 1985
Canon AE1 Program Bought in 1985,
Broke down in 8 months,
Repaired and sold in 1985
Nikon F Photomic My first Nikon,
Bought in 1986,
Sold in 1986 due to lack of features
Nikon FE2 My second Nikon,
Bought in 1986,
My good old friend is still with me,
Added MD12 in 1997
Nikon F801 My first AF Nikon,
Bought in 1998,
Sold in 1999
Nikon F5 Bought in 1999
Together with 24-120 AFD.
What more can I say, my pride and joy.
Will stay with me forever...
Nikon FE10 Bought in 1998 for the wife
Still with us.
Nikon MD12 My other equipment:

MD12 motor drive for FE2
SB28 flash works with FE2, FE10, F801 and F5
Nikon 100-300 F:5.6AI, Nikon 24-120AFD,
Nikon 135 F:2.8AID, Nikon 50 F:1.4AID,
Nikon 35-70 F:3.5AI, Nikon 35-70 F:3.3-4.5AF,
Sigma 28-70 F:2.8-4MF, Cosina 24 F:2.8,
Sigma 70-300 F:4-5,6 AFD APO Macro



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